Dairy-Free Cookies
  • Dairy-Free Cookies

    Your all-time favourites, Classic Chocolate Chip (C3) and Unmatched Matcha- but now minus the guilt of butter.

    Unmatched Matcha is a Dairy-Free Cookie-only item, and it's truly unmatched to any other matcha cookie out there. With Unmatched Matcha, your tastebuds will be left lingering with notes of premium matcha intertwined with whispers of vanilla. Talk about amplifying the traditional.


    Sometimes, the butter in the batter isn't always better.

    If you're looking for some satisfying jaw action, these savoury butterless cookies scream "CHEWY" louder than their melt-in-the-mouth butter-batter counterparts. 


    MINIMUM ORDER: 5 pieces 

    See second picture for details.


      * NOTE: Classic Chocolate Chip (C3) contains MILK CHOCOLATE CHIPS: NOT safe for lactose-INTOLERANT consumers.

      Please indicate if you would like DARK CHOCOLATE CHUNKS to be used instead- lower dairy content and safe for lactose-SENSITIVE consumers.



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