Can I bake your dreams and make them come true?
Here at Prislicelee, yes.

Everything is made from the comfort of home, with tender, loving care.

Based in Singapore, Prislicelee has an ever-expanding, ever-growing, interactive customer-based concept, where my menus are controlled both by me, and by you. From classic cookies and cupcakes to yeasted bread galore,

there's no limit to what I can bring to the table- literally.

Explore this site at your own pace and choose whatever catches your eye.

Don't see anything you want? Let me know and we can create your dream bake together.

Come home to Prislicelee.  It's your slice of life, for life.



Can't make up your mind for a custom cake?

Take your pick here.

The Prislicelee Journey

Nothing like a fairytale- just a teenager fulfilling her biggest passion yet.

I'm Priscilla, 18, and I'm the hands, head and heart of Prislicelee.

Prislicelee is my platform to bring my undying passion for baking and making food beyond just a 'hobby'. It's where I use what makes me happy, to make others happier.

  Prislicelee started 'officially' on 27 September 2019, armed with my laptop and a cup of yuzu tea gone cold, from the comfort of a café in Somerset. I was motivated to elevate my baking hobby into an entrepreneurial business mostly because of truly solid and sincere support from friends and family.

  10 years ago, my Asian mom wanted to instil as many 'talents' in me as possible....

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Have to feed a small crowd with a varied selection of bakes? Need something unique and personalised for that special someone? Or do you just have an irresistable craving that needs fulfilling, but isn't on the menu?

Let me bake your day.

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