The Prislicelee Journey

Nothing like a fairytale- just a teenager fulfilling her biggest passion yet.

I'm Priscilla, 18, and I'm the hands, head and heart of Prislicelee.

Prislicelee is my platform to bring my undying passion for baking and making food beyond just a 'hobby'. It's where I use what makes me happy, to make others happier.

  Prislicelee started 'officially' on 27 September 2019, armed with my laptop and a cup of yuzu tea gone cold, from the comfort of a café in Somerset. I was motivated to elevate my baking hobby into an entrepreneurial business mostly because of truly solid and sincere support from friends and family.

  10 years ago, my Asian mom wanted to instil as many 'talents' in me as possible. One of them included trying to domesticate me and put me in the kitchen by getting me to make Betty Crocker© box premixes every week. That part of my childhood, I don't remember too much of. I owe most of my passion today not just to YouTube, but to taking Food and Consumer Education (FCE) and Food and Nutrition (F&N) in secondary school. 

As much as it was a pretty painful subject to conquer especially for the GCE O-Level examinations, I think one of the reasons why I chose to take the subject was because I was doing something I loved, just in an academic setting. The latter, along with crazy dedicated teachers, made F&N a whole lot more bearable, and being able to learn what goes into my food and the science behind food made the whole experience even more fulfilling and very much more applicable to my version of life (as compared to maybe solving the value of x over y on a funny graph).

  Baking as a hobby means you'll probably yield batches too big for the family to finish. That means it's time to give them to other people. And that's exactly what I did. And that's also where I got to see and learn what true joy in people looked like- well, because food is the best way to the soul. Isn't it?

That very joy is what motivated and still motivates me today to continue doing what I do, even past the baking breakdowns and humid meltdowns (ha ha).

 For the past 10 years of home-baking, I've gone through countless boxes of cake and muffin premix, or pored over some age-old recipe book with yellowed, dog-eared pages.

Sure, sometimes a Betty Crocker© does the trick when you're craving a quick, no-fuss and no-frills bake; but after being exposed to this joy of sharing my creations, I've learnt that happiness is homemade.

I'd never be able to do this all based off my own strength- in fact, none of it is mine.

I owe it to a Higher Power, who has blessed my journey abundantly with pillars of support and encouragement, teaching me to never give up on what means most to me.